Escorts: We Enjoy Ourselves Too Y’know!

I’ve been escorting now for nearly two years and reckon that my story is a little different to that of many other girls. You’ll hear plenty of escorts who offer their services in exchange for money to get through college, keep their family secure, and as a kind of occasional extra income. I’d already graduated when I started out, had a decent job in a field I enjoyed – but there was one very important thing missing….

While the money I earn from escort work is always appreciated (100% goes on paying down those student loans!) I find that the work also helps me cope with my very – very – high sex drive. I get bored quickly with the same partner and all my relationships have to include an ‘open’ caveat, something that tends to put many guys off in the longer term. Not that I let that bother me!

Without wishing to sound vain I am a really good looking girl. I have Russian and Italian heritage so my legs are long and slender while my breasts and butt have a natural ‘juiciness’ for want of a better description. I try and make the most of my Mediterranean features, with deep hazelnut eyes complemented with naturally dark, shoulder length wavy hair. I’m a little taller than most girls and measure 5’10 in heels. My dance classes keep me really toned too (it’s my second favorite form of exercise).

Before starting out as an escort I did a little mainstream magazine work. Personally I could never quite figure out why so many casting agencies were interested in geeky little me, but doing this kind of work massively helped me develop my confidence. I’m one of those people who tries to make someone’s day every day, even if it’s just a polite chat or an unexpected compliment. It’s the good things that make the world go round, right?

If I was surprised at how popular I was with magazine work – which I stopped doing simply because it was mind-numbingly boring – I couldn’t believe how many guys wanted to date me when I started as an escort. There simply wouldn’t have been enough hours in the day, as when I take a guy out I always make sure I’m totally fresh and prepared for the night ahead. Some girls can date every night of the week, but not me. My business is also my pleasure, which has given me the chance to explore my sexuality even deeper.

My advice for any guys looking to take an escort out on a date is to simply always state exactly what you want. The ‘girlfriend experience’ is always the best for most guys, especially those new to the scene, as it lets the girls really express themselves (and take control of the situation later on, if you catch my drift). However, as I grew more used to escorting I found that role play was amazing fun too. I love acting a part – and picking up a guy in a club in front of his friends is soooooooo much fun!

Last but not least, when it comes to selecting a girl make sure she’s exactly right. It’s a competitive market, and most of the girls are drop-dead gorgeous when you book through one of the top-end agencies. Don’t feel in any way intimidated. Over my escorting career I’ve had inexperienced guys who have given me some of the best orgasms of my life, as well as experienced older dudes who have shown me things I’d only ever read about. It’s all about having a good time just the way you like it.

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